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Buffalo cheese Zolotoi Rezerv with black truffle, 80g

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Buffalo cheese Zolotoi Rezerv  with black truffle, 80g
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Buffalo milk is one of the highest quality dairy products with its excellent nutritional values ​​and useful qualities. The products manufactured by him remain in their composition and the quality of raw materials represent a real culinary experience.

Our selection of high-quality cheese is made from buffalo milk and seasoned with black truffles, thus making it a very tempting buffalo cheese and indispensable for every meal and occasion!

Why buffalo cheese and black truffle?

Buffalo cheese surpasses many foods, not only plants but also animals because it has a unique composition, nutritional value and medicinal qualities. This improves the metabolism in the body, increases appetite, helps to reduce the so-called. "Bad" cholesterol levels and normalize the activity of the intestines and stomach health. It also helps to prevent anemia and aid the immune system. Buffaloes have a higher resistance to diseases therefore buffalo milk and products made from them are healthier as compared with cow's milk.

Buffalo cheese is a product with a very high content of protein and milk fat. In buffalo cheese the ratio between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids of nonessential and essential amino acids is much better than cheese made from other types of milk. It will carotene, which is why it is white, but in contrast, is rich in vitamins A, C, D and E and a rich source of calcium.

Because of its intense and strong aroma, the truffle is used in small quantities for flavoring various dishes. Truffle can be consumed as fresh and raw, and also after having been frozen or it has been used to manufacture other products (usually used black truffle) as truffles oil, truffles oil, truffle salt, truffle honey, truffle alcoholic beverage and others. Truffle and products made from it are used for flavoring various sauces, meats, pasta, salads, fried eggs, risotto, pates (mostly goose), cheese and more.

Try our recipes with buffalo cheese with black truffles!

Buffalo cheese in parchment

Ingredients for 1 serving:

* 80g Buffalo cheese with black truffle

* 4-5 Tomato slices

* Butter

Method of preparation:

On a piece of baking paper place 1 slice of tomato, then add a slice of Buffalo cheese with black truffle, repeat this 2 or 3 times. Complete this with a little bit of butter on top.

Make sure the paper is sealed so that the ingredients are well wrapped, then place in a baking dish in a pre-heated oven for about 10 minutes.

Serve in a deep dish with an appropriate salad, toast bread and others.


Ingredients: buffalo cheese (buffalo milk, yeast, leaven, salt) 84%, olive oil 9.5%, black truffle 6.5%.



Nutritional information per 100g product

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