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Butter Zolotoi Rezerv with olive oil and black truffle, 80g

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Butter Zolotoi Rezerv with olive oil and black truffle, 80g
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Full fat butter refined with black truffle flavor and the charm of the olive oil - always the right addition for the excellent meal.

Spread it on bread or on crackers, add it to the dish you are cooking... Experience the unique taste and rich aroma of the food with butter with olive oil and black truffle!

Why butter, olive oil and black truffle

Full fat butter incorporates equal amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which help reducing cholesterol levels, inflammation and maintaining  hormonal balance, the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. Butter contains vitamin A, which is very useful for the hair, the eyes and the skin, as well as vitamins D, E and K. The butter does not contain any trans fats associated with the so-called "Bad" cholesterol. Two tablespoons of butter have about 8g fat, of which about 30% are monounsaturated fats, the same fats as in olive oil.

Since antiquity the olive tree is a source of fascination, admiration and magical charm. The juice of its fruits - olive oil - is the eternal symbol of health, longevity and beauty. Not surprisingly, Homer called it "liquid gold". Olive oil is the healthiest and most low-calorie fat. It is rich in linoleic acid and oleic acid, vitamin E, phosphorus, iron, proteins, minerals. Olive oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated rare essential fatty acids. Also important role for the therapeutic properties of the olive oil plays and the containing unsaponifiable lipids in it.

Because of its intense and strong aroma, the truffle is used in small quantities for flavoring various dishes. Truffle can be consumed as fresh and raw, and also after having been frozen or it has been used to manufacture other products (usually used black truffle) as truffles oil, truffles oil, truffle salt, truffle honey, truffle alcoholic beverage and others. Truffle and products made from it are used for flavoring various sauces, meats, pasta, salads, fried eggs, risotto, pates (mostly goose), cheese and more.

Try our recipes with butter with olive oil and black truffle!



Sandwich with beef fillet and butter with olive oil and black truffle


Necessary products

1 kg beef fillet, trimmed and tied

80 g butter with black truffle

salt and black pepper

Two long baguettes

40 g parmesan

arugula salad

Method of preparation

Preheat the oven on maximum temperature. During this time put the meat in a shallow baking dish and dry the upper side of the meat with paper. Spread the meat well with butter, 1 ½ tsp salt and 1 ½ tsp black pepper. Bake the meat for 22 minutes for rare and 25 minutes for medium roasted.

Remove the beef from the oven and cover it tightly with aluminum foil and allow it to rest at room temperature for 15 minutes. Then remove the strings and cut the fillets into 0.5 cm slices.

Halve the baguettes longitudinally and coat the underside with plenty of the butter with black truffle. Arrange the fillets above the butter, sprinkle again with salt and black pepper, sprinkle with pieces of parmesan cheese and end with arugula.

Cut the baguettes into 3-4 places and serve.

Ingredients: butter 75%, olive oil 18.5%, black truffle 6.5%.



Nutritional information per 100g product

Energy value



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of which sugars








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